A river, mountains, jungle, and a city center filled with 19th century French colonial architecture…Kampot (កំពត) has it all!

With the Elephant Mountains of Cambodia, and the Kompong Bay River (Preaek Tuek Chhu), this relaxed town is gifted with some of the best natural scenery Cambodia has to offer.

Lounging in the river, adventurous trekking in the jungles, a walk through the night market, or listening to live music at riverside bars —- whatever it is that you are feeling, you can find in Kampot.

There is even more to see just a scooter ride away. Whether you’d like to visit the salt fields, take a tour of a pepper farm, or eat some crab at the seaside town of Kep, Kampot is the perfect homebase for day trips in Southern Cambodia. 


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